Once Upon a Time, There Was a World Without COVID-19

In the unprecedented struggle all of our families face today, let's not forget what our kids, the little Bravehearts, are enduring.

Kids show resilience in a crisis to support their families but do not mistake it for their lack of understanding of the situation.

At Pudle, we are opening up our paid story packs to free live stream on YouTube for the benefit of all the kids and their families during this time of crisis.

We humbly request you to donate any amount to a charity of your choice if you attend these sessions.


Why Should I Donate?

Every Bit Counts

Today, your ₹100 can be worth a hygienic meal for a family suffering from losing their breadwinner; your ₹1,000 can be the 30 min of oxygen to a mother gasping for air; your ₹10,000 can be the life-saving medications for a father fighting the hard battle against this virus.

Keep NGOs Running

None of the NGOs have ever witnessed this level of urgency and amount of relief work required. These are unprecedented times. Most non-profit organizations are struggling to provide even the basic help and need your donations to keep running.

We are stronger together

Affording critical care for several days can financially set back a family for generations. But if all 140 Crore Indians come together, a ₹1 Crore bill becomes just ₹0.007. You can be the Double-O-Seven with the License to Save!

Hope is the last thing ever lost

Your donations can be the last rays of hope for a family fighting tooth and nail in this crisis. Let's help them fight, do not let them loose!

To Whom Should I Donate?

Following are the verified frontline NGOs who are working on the ground to help those who need it. We have sourced our information from a joint initiative by journalist Faye D'Souza  and actor Alia Bhatt. We will keep updating this list as more information is provided.

For any reason, if you want to donate to any other charity, please feel free to do so.

Verified NGOs

Upcoming Live Story Session

We are soon adding amazing storytelling sessions for your kids.

Please come back later to see our next session.

Testimonials by Parents


I love Aditya's improved habits, vocabulary, and communication skills.

Navpreet Kaur

Aditya's Mom

Well-planned Pudle sessions are helping Shreenika develop holistically.

Sucharita Das

Shreenika's Mom

Vandit loves his teachers who create the best engagement and content.

Nikitha Bagalkoti

Vandit's Mom

Pudle has helped Mihir master public speaking and build confidence.


Mihir's Mom

Naira loves Pudle sessions - improved her vocabulary and social skills.


Naira's Mom

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